TropIQ invests in several in house and collaborative research projects. We seek to fuel drug discovery pipelines to help advance clinical candidates, creating new and effective medications for various global health targets.

Parasite drug discovery programs

  • Pantothenamides: new chemistry with antimalarial activity and unprecedented mechanism of action.
  • Endectocides: novel human drug candidates to interrupt transmission of vector-borne diseases like malaria, dengue, Zika, filariasis.
  • Chemoprotection: identification of causal malaria prophylactics through large scale sporontocidal screens.
  • Gametocytocidals: compounds selectively killing gametocytes with potential as malaria transmission blocking drugs.

Anti-viral drug discovery

TropIQ is developing a high throughput compound screening assay to target host cell factors essential for the transmission of dengue and Zika viruses.    


Barcoded insect screens

Barcoding insects is a sophisticated and flexible technique which is being offered as a service to screen for transmission blocking substances and novel insecticides (services). New applications of this technique are being developed for high throughput screens for:

  • Attractants
  • Volatile repellent insecticides
  • Novel mosquitocidals
  • Antibody - antigen discovery