our technology

Fuelling the pipeline

Our technology platform includes facilities for semi-automated cell culture,
vector labs for entomological experiments, liquid dispensing and state-of-the-art signal detection equipment.

Screening in every throughput and modality

We are screening in a wide range of modalities. From enzyme assays to in vivo arthropod testing, from anti-parasitic compound to insect repellent.

Also we screen in a wide range of capacities - from single condition to high throughput.


Medicinal chemistry principles are used to understand the Structure – Activity Relationship (SAR) and drive optimization of hit and lead molecules.


We use genetic, molecular and cell biological technologies to understand the mechanism of action (MOA) of novel disease interventions.

Vectors and pathogens

We work with the vectors and pathogens that underlie parasitic (e.g. malaria), arboviral (e.g. dengue) and tick-borne diseases.

Vector-borne diseases are infectious diseases transmitted by arthropods such as mosquitoes, flies and ticks. Together they threaten half of the world’s population and cause more than 1 million deaths annually.



Our technology and scientific approach have proven highly successful in discovering novel molecules and targets to combat vector-borne diseases.


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