Accelera­ting the elimination of tropical infectious diseases

Our Mission

TropIQ Health Sciences provides a state-of-the-art technology platform for accelerated discovery and development of interventions to combat vector-borne infectious diseases, with a special focus on diseases in low and middle-income countries

Vector-borne diseases

Blood feeding arthropods like mosquitoes and ticks can transmit infectious diseases. Together they threaten half of the world’s population and cause close to 1 million deaths annually.

For many vector-borne diseases there are no vaccines or reliable medication.


Our Technology

We innovate enabling technology for discovery and testing of novel counter measures for vector borne diseases.

Our technology supports small to large scale screening of small molecules and biologicals.


Pathogens & Vectors

Our central focus revolves around the mechanisms by which pathogens are transmitted by their vectors and the molecular handles that allow us to interfere with the spread of vector-borne diseases.


Our Team

TropIQ’s success is built on a highly skilled team made up of dedicated and passionate people.

We celebrate a diversity of perspectives and champion creative thinking to achieve our ambitious goals.

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