TropIQ’s technology platform includes facilities for semi-automated cell culture, a vector lab for entomological experiments and liquid dispensing and state-of-the-art signal detection equipment. TropIQ has developed a unique barcoded live insect screening technology for discovery of novel vector control agents (insecticides, repellents, attractants, chemosterilants) and malaria transmission-blocking molecules.

Live insect screens:

High throughput barcoded screen of insecticides in systemic and contact mode.

Screening of transmission blocking compounds and antibodies.

  • Standard membrane feeding assay (SMFA)
  • High throughput barcoded screen in multiwell format

In vitro high throughput assays for all malaria (Plasmodium falciparum) life cycle stages:

  • asexual blood stages
  • gametocytes
  • oocysts
  • sporozoites
  • liver stages


  • Supply of malaria life cycle stages and processed material from P. falciparum wild type and transgenic GFP/luciferase parasites
  • Supply of monoclonal antibodies against various epitopes of sexual stage antigens (Pfs48/45, Pfs25, Pfs230)