Mission & Vision

Our Mission

TropIQ aims at creating better opportunities for people by improving their health. To this end it provides enabling technology for the elimination of infectious diseases.

Our Vision

It is TropIQ’s vision that there is a dynamic relationship between poverty and health. Many infectious diseases are the direct result of living conditions induced by poverty. In turn, these diseases exacerbate the impoverished status as they reduce productivity and economic prospects. Improving people’s health will improve their productivity, social and economic status and provide the basis for further development of individuals and nations. 

Vector-borne diseases

Vector-borne diseases are infectious diseases transmitted by insects such as mosquitoes, flies and ticks. Together they threaten half of the world’s population and cause more than 1 million deaths annually. People in the poorest countries are the most vulnerable. For example, malaria leads to over 250 million clinical cases and causes 429,000 deaths per year, mainly children under five years of age in sub-Saharan Africa. The disease is caused by a parasite and is transmitted by mosquitoes.

TropIQ is a member of 'Social Enterprise NL'